Our Fresh Organic Products


Fresh Produce

We don’t want poisonous sprays on the food we eat, and we know our customers don’t either.  That is why we adopted organic practices for growing our produce.  We are CERTIFIED ORGANIC by Ecocert Canada and do not use any chemical sprays or fertilizers on our produce.  Instead we use large amounts of organic hay mulch to smother weeds and hold moisture, and use organic compost for fertilizer.  We also practice crop rotation.  The majority of our garden work is done by hand so we have individual contact with just about every plant we grow, from seeding/transplanting to harvesting, thereby ensuring that you are getting top quality, nutritious fruits and veggies.  We like to grow old-fashioned heirloom varieties and save our own seed when possible.  For those winter months when there are no fresh beans, peas, corn or fruits available, you can still enjoy the preserved freshness from our freezers.

At Organic Oasis we try to offer you the freshest produce possible, not only in the summer but all year long.  And we can too ~ thanks to our greenhouses!  When you visit us in the winter you can still choose from our varying selection of fresh produce.  Yes, despite the mounds of snow, and chilly temperatures, tasty nutritious, local greens are still growing!  Enjoy everything from lettuce, kale, and chard to green onions, radishes and bok choy.  And for the adventurous, we offer peppercress, dandelion, arugula and mustard greens (just to name a few).  We’d be remiss if we failed to mention our ‘Signature’ salad item – Mesclun – otherwise known as “Mixed Salad Greens”  This is a delightful mix of baby lettuces, spicy brassicas, assorted baby leaf greens and enhanced with select herbs.  It is also washed and ready to eat.  Can it get better than that?  Although this is an attractive mix on its own, you can also garnish it with our edible salad flowers.  Almost too pretty to eat!  We do our very best to offer this staple item all year long, but there is the odd occasion, such as the sweltering August heat, or short, cloudy days of Dec/Jan, that our supply runs short.

When our summer gardens come into full swing, you can expect to enjoy the regular, in season fruits and vegetables.  Everything from asparagus, broccoli and cucumbers, to  peppers, squash and tomatoes and most things in between.  Any fresh produce that we do not grow ourselves we try to get from other local, organic farmers in order to supply you with as much selection as possible.

If you need a breath of fresh air, or for a family outing, why not come visit us and pick your own organic strawberries or raspberries when they’re in season?  You can’t possibly get them any fresher and since they’re entirely free of poisonous sprays, you can snack as you pick!  Please note that we prefer appointments for pick your own.



Today, it’s cause for concern when we hear about the traces of hormones, and antibiotics showing up in meat.  At Organic Oasis we offer you a little haven of safety from it all.  Our certified organic and drug-free meat, are of top quality.  We treat our animals in a humane manner.  They are able to enjoy fresh air, summer sunshine and organic feed.  The good health of our animals is in turn passed on to you the consumer.  In our store you can find Organic Beef, Pork, and Chicken, as well as Fish from northern waters.  We also sell fresh brown eggs from our organic free-range, flax-fed chickens.


Dairy Products

You’ll find a wide selection of organic dairy products here as well.  We offer Mapleton’s Organic Ice Cream, Pinehedge Yogourt, Kefir and Sour Cream and L’Ancetre Cheese and Butter.  The fresh milk and cream comes in returnable glass bottles from Harmony Organic Dairy Products.  Some bags and cartons are also available.  A percentage of this milk even originates from our own dairy herd.  (You may see some of our cows grazing when you come to our store!)


Other Products

To provide our customers with as much as possible at one stop, we also carry a variety of other products such as bread, flour, dried herbs, nuts, seeds, pasta, oil, juice, coffee etc…  And some non-food items such as homemade soap, beeswax candles, all natural bug repellant and sunscreen, toothpaste, shampoo etc.…